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Cash Flow Management

Debt Management

Downsize vs. Age-in-Place

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Minimize Taxes

Planning Your Retirement

Understanding Your CPP

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Understanding Your Pension Options

Financial Strategies

Funding Education


Putting the pieces of your financial puzzle together can be complicated and frustrating.  Our goal is to ease that process and to empower you to make the decisions that are in your best interests.

The services and analyses we provide are thorough and objective whether you are seeking information and analysis on a specific topic or a comprehensive financial plan. 

Cash Flow Management

"Earn more or spend less" — Sometimes, it's not that simple.  When and how to invest, sources of income, fixed expenses, discretionary expenses, taxes and saving all make up the components of cash flow.  We can help you develop a sound cash flow management plan that you can understand and follow.

Debt Management

Not all debt is created equal.  You may be someone who is comfortable with debt or you might be terrified —somewhere in the middle lies the "sweet spot."  The trick is to "use" credit to your advantage and not let it "use" you!  We can help you organize your finances and figure out how and when credit can and should be used.

Downsizing vs. Age-in-Place

Do you have to downsize?  Do you want to downsize?  We can help you determine what your needs are, and then figure out how to meet them.

Defined Benefit Pensions

How much will your pension really be?  If you have left your job prior to your retirement date, should you keep your deferred pension or take the commuted value?  Should you take your pension early?  What should your survivor options be?  We can help you sort through these questions so that you are comfortable with the decisions you make.

Canada Pension Plan

The Service Canada estimator can be very inaccurate depending on your circumstances, and it is not an actual "projection" of your benefits. The CPP estimator only provides an estimate of what you would get if you were 65 today, and it does not take into consideration factors such as the Child Rearing provision. Consequently, the closer you are to 65, the more accurate the estimate will be, and the further away you are, the less accurate it will be. 

Your individual circumstances will largely dictate the optimal time for you to take your CPP; however, we can help with that decision by analyzing the timing and providing you with a side by side analysis/comparison of your options. 

Planning for Retirement

Retirement can be a scary time financially.  You've been pushing the ball up-hill all this time, and you know how to save, but now it's time to spend those savings!  This phase of life can be overwhelming, and it often leaves people feeling stressed and uncertain about how to draw down their savings and afraid that they might outlive their money.  We can help you sort through these issues by providing planning, projections and strategies that will give you peace of mind as you move into retirement.

Bankruptcy Prevention

You're in over your head... is bankruptcy inevitable?  Not always. Sometimes a little strategy can go a long way.  Financial planners are generalists that don't "specialize" in any one area; as a result, they tend to know a little about a LOT of different areas. Often, being able to see the bigger picture enables financial planners to put together effective, "outside-the-box" strategies that may help you avoid having to take a step as drastic as bankruptcy.

Minimizing Taxation

Of all the ways to increase cash flow, minimizing the amount of tax you pay is the least painful, and yet it is frequently the solution that goes unnoticed.  Your financial plan should include strategies for minimizing both current AND future taxes.  We can help you review your finances and identify ways for you to reduce taxes now and in the future.

​Severance and Buyout Package 

What do you do?  Cry or crunch the numbers?

Leaving a job can be an emotional experience, but it pays to remain calm and check out the options in a systematic way before making a decision.  What’s right is going to be different for each person.  Depending on how it’s structured, a buyout package might be a real windfall.

Ideally, you will need a team of advisors with different skills including a lawyer familiar with employment law, a recruitment or career professional and a financial advisor and/or accountant. .

Funding Education

Whether you want to fund your children's, grandchildren's or your own education, coming up with a plan for meeting education costs can make the difference between achieving and not achieving your education goals.  Lack of funding is the number one reason that students don't make it through to graduation.  Making sure financial strategies are in place, in advance, will help reduce the risk of running out of funds before you or your loved ones are able to meet their education goals.

Collaborative Home Purchases

In 1976, on average, it took young Canadians 5 years to save for a down-payment on a house.  Today, in Canada it takes 12 years; in BC it takes 16 years, and in Vancouver, it takes 23 years!  Clearly, buying a home has become markedly more difficult.  Does this mean it's impossible?  No — not necessarily. 


More and more, people are finding creative ways to pool their resources in order to purchase property.  Entering into a collaborative home buying arrangement can be a win-win situation for all involved; however, these arrangements are tricky and complicated.  Sometimes, arrangements are made between family members, but increasingly, these types of arrangements are made between friends and/or acquaintances.  In order to avoid problems and to come up with a plan that is "fair" and meets all parties' needs, the parties will need to have a sound, understandable financial strategy in place and the involvement of an experienced real estate lawyer. 


We are able to assist with collaborative home buying strategies and are passionate about making sure that those wanting to own homes are aware of all options available to them.  

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