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Navi Consulting

Unbiased, Fee-for-Service, Financial Planning

300 - 848 Courtney Street, Victoria, BC  V8W 1C4


Analysing the Data

Let us help you plan your future and achieve your goals

Are you looking for quality financial planning that’s comprehensive and affordable? 


We offer unbiased, objective advice.  Unlike many financial planning firms, we do not require that you have a minimum amount of investible assets or that you purchase products in order to work with us.  We want you to receive the service and advice that you need, no matter how much you have in your investment account.  


Whether you are looking for advice in a specific area or a comprehensive financial plan, we can provide clear and honest guidance. We focus on giving our customers the recommendations, attention, and in-depth knowledge needed to achieve their goals.

*Fee-for-service financial planners are registered advisors with a fiduciary responsibility to act in their clients' best interests. They are not paid for financial planning based on fees or compensation from product sales. Fee-for-service advisors have fewer inherent conflicts of interest, and they generally provide more comprehensive advice.

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